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The garden is more than a pleasant spot to spend the day: it's also a gorgeous place to spend the night. Under the trees, at the pond, surrounded by orchids and, as night falls, below an immeasurable starry sky, a comfortable and stylishly decorated tent awaits you.


The Bungalow tent, which is suitable for 4 persons, contains two sleeper cabins; one featuring a double bed, and the other two individual beds. If desired, an extra bed or a child's bedstead can be added*. 


If you really want to indulge yourselves, we can also take care of your breakfast.


Please let us know if you have any special requests or questions!



Per day   (based on 4 persons)         €88,-

Tourist tax, per person, per day**     €0,50

**) Tourist tax does not apply for persons up to 18 years old.


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