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Tour de France

On the 10th of July the Tour de France will visit the Dordogne for 3 days. On the 11th they will ride from Périgueux to the city of Cyrano the Bergerac. Not far from our Chambres d'Hôtes they will leave from Eymet to the Pyrenees. It's a beautifull surrounding to take a bicycle yourself and go for a ride.

Hope to see you soon at Côté Verger!

We're opening our doors in spring 2017!

It's with great pleasure we can now announce the official opening date of Côté Verger, which will be this year's spring! We're very excited to realize the Big Moment is now approaching quickly!

At present, a lot of work remains to be done, but with a tight schedule, hard work, lots of help and a little bit of luck we'll manage to have everything prepared in time in order to be able to offer our guests an excellent stay in one of our five guest rooms.

Of course you can already start booking your room now, as well as one of our garden lodges or camp sites, which will be available this summer, too!

For more than 10 years now, Dutch national television has been

broadcasting the programme 'Ik Vertrek' ("I'm leaving"). During 

each episode, a Dutch family (or couple) who has decided to

start a new life (and mostly a company) abroad, is being

followed from the moment they receive the keys of their

new house until the day they start their company and 

receive their very first clients.

Ever since its first episode, which was broadcasted back in 2005, it has

been immensely popular with the public and even after 10 years each episode is being watched by over 1.5 million television viewers. It goes without saying that we're very happy that the programme has decided to follow our adventure, too. They've started their recordings when we signed the deed of purchase of our dream house in the Dordogne and they will continue to do so until the opening of our B&B (planned for spring 2017). Even though the broadcasting will be Dutch spoken, those who are really curious to know more about our story will be able to watch it online. As soon as the link is available, we will inform you!



Dutch television is following us!

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